Paint with a Big Brush

Paint with a Big Brush

$ 15.95

Paint with a Big Brush is the heart-warming story of two characters who find life-long friendship through art.  Whimsy finds a big paintbrush, starts painting and loves it so much he takes the last name Paintheart.  Elsewhere, Palette the pup is not like the other puppies.  He has a palette body with an endless supply of paints and a palette knife tail. He loves painting too.  But when he splashes paint all across the town, the townspeople are not happy. Both Whimsy and Palette are lonely.  Will they meet with their matching red hearts and their colorful feet? Find out on the pages of Paint with a Big Brush, a creative work in ink and watercolor.

Liz Seaton wrote and illustrated Paint with a Big Brush and Karen Caldwell designed it. 

Art-making for the illustrations was supported by the Montgomery County, Maryland government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.

The book is available from the author or on Amazon at Paint with a Big Brush